Why Tony Miano Is A Liar by Jesse Morrell

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Tony Miano Lies about Jesse Morrell

Tony Miano is a staunch Calvinist who has repeatedly and habitually attacked myself and other non-Calvinists. I once called him out for spreading a lie that I was a some type of “nomad” street preacher that didn’t go to church. When I told him that I do go to church, have always gone to a church as long as I’ve been a Christian, and that I even speak in churches all across the country, he refused to accept this fact and continues to spread the lie that I am “out of church” and a “nomad.”

He made this lie up out of thin air and when I asked him to provide ANY proof for this false accusation he was completely unable to do so. It sure it convenient to be able to make up lies out of nowhere to slander your theological opponents isn’t it? But if we are going to compromise integrity and honesty, what is the point of debating theology at all? Because Tony is unable to actually refute my theology, he tries to slander my character and person. It is called an Ad Hominem Attack and only goes to show that he must resort to false accusations because he is unable to refute my theology as it actually is.

Someone just recently wrote to Tony Miano and publicly asked:

“That’s interesting you don’t think Jed and CIndy Smock are not Christians. Or do you just disagree with their preaching method? And what do you think about Jesse Morrell?”

Tony responded publicly and said:

” I do not believe any of the before-mentioned people are Christians because they are all self-professed Pelagians. They do not worship the Jesus of the Bible. They do not believe the gospel of the Bible.”

I, Jesse Morrell, wrote Tony and said:

You are constantly lying about me Tony. First you said I was a nomad that has no church even though I DO go to church and always have. And now you are calling me a “self-professed Pelagian.” What a liar! I have never called myself a Pelagian and do not consider myself one. I have never called myself a Pelagian. It is CALVINISTS who call me that because they want to slander me. Just like the devil you are. Calvinists really do sin every day don’t they?

Sure I have some agreements with Pelagius, like free will, but that doesn’t make me a “Pelagian” since ALL the early church believed in free will long before Pelagius even existed. Catholics believe in the Trinity, does that make everyone who believes in the Trinity a Catholic? Certainly not. Should I start calling you a Catholic Tony because you believe in the Trinity? I would be lying if I did. And so, why do you call me a Pelagian simply because I believe in free will? Stop lying. Your constant dishonesty is very telling of your heart and shows the weakness of your debate skills.

I think that your Calvinist theology is really Gnostic or at least semi-Gnostic. Should I start saying “Tony Miano is a self-professed Gnostic” since your admitted theology has similarities with theirs?

So the real question is this: Can habitual liars be saved? Can you be a “Christian” and a habitual liar? Can you really worship the Jesus of the Bible or believe the gospel of the Bible if you are a persistent and impenitent liar?



A Rebuttal to Tony Miano’s Attacks on Mark Cahill, Jesse Morrell, Kerrigan Skelly, and other Non-Calvinists


Response to Tony Miano’s Theological Attacks Against Non-Calvinists

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5 Responses to Why Tony Miano Is A Liar by Jesse Morrell

  1. Someone said that it is not biblical to defend yourself when someone falsely accuses you. Actually, Paul did address slander. “And not rather, (as we be slanderously reported, and as some affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come? whose damnation is just.” Romans 3:8

  2. Matt Messer said “What are your disagreements with Pelagianism, Jesse Morrell? I have called you pelagian as well, because I just assumed you were, based on your denial of total depravity. Apologies for that. So, what are some disagreements you have with them?”

    Well, there are things that the Pelagians were accused (rightfully or wrongfully it is hard to tell) of teaching which I would disagree with. Such as:

    “Even if Adam had not sinned, he would have died.”

    “Adam’s sin did not harm the entire human race.”

    “Children are born into the same state Adam was born into.”

    “The law gives entrance to heaven as well as the gospel.”


    But I also have agreements with the actual writings of Pelagius. But I am not a “Pelagian” for the simple reason that I am not a follower of Pelagius, not matter how similar his understanding of the Bible is to mine.

  3. We should all pray that Tony repents because there is a soul at stake here.

  4. Art Anson says:

    Good post / article Jesse M.. Calvinists are on Facebook ‘ant-Calvinist ‘pages’ and have adopted the idea of the Jesuits: “The end justifies the means.” If they can win an argument by lying like a rug — they will and they do. I am sooo glad to have left the “Calvinist Camp” after nearly 12 years a R.B. ( 1689 ) member. The mentality of die-hard Calvinists is the very same cultic mentality of the Mormons here in Utah. ” My group is correct – because I am a member of the group.” Why have a bible with indexes & and concordances if you just make-up stuff ?!? bye, Is. 40:8

  5. Matt Messer: Gotcha. What would be some similarities?

    [In other words, what would I agree with the Pelagians on?]

    Jesse Morrell: Similarities would be that sexual desire is not a hereditary sin or a sinful nature that God cursed mankind with because of Adam’s original sin, that men have the ability to choose between obedience and disobedience, that everyone is responsible for their own sins, that unbaptized babies do not go to hell, etc.

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