How Water & Fasting Healed my Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic Fatigue Healed By Water and Fasting

I realized that I battled with “chronic fatigue” for many years because of “chronic dehydration” and not enough fasting time for the body to heal. (The body heals during times of fasting).

I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found the “intermittent fasting diet,” / “one-meal a day diet.”

I have an eating window roughly between 5-8pm, where I get all my calories. Usually just one meal around 5 or 6 – enough calories to maintain my proper weight. (I used to be slightly overweight before I started this new diet. I quickly lost the 10 pounds I needed to lose.)

I’ve been disciplined in this new lifestyle for maybe over a month now and I have never felt healthier and better. I literally felt sickly before because I was so lethargic, simply because I wasn’t giving my body the long enough fasting time it needed and enough water to make the energy I needed.

Whereas before I always felt like I needed a nap, now I have energy all day long.

Whereas before I was always looking at energy drinks or coffee to get through the day, now water is my energy drink. I realized that I just wasn’t drinking enough water for my cells to properly function!

Whereas before my body always wanted to sleep in and sleep long and I’d still wake up feeling tired, now I can sleep 4.5 – 6.5 hours and wake up totally refreshed and ready to go.

I used to go on periodic 3 day fasts to temporarily heal my chronic fatigue, but it always came back eventually, now I have a lifestyle of lots of water and lots of fasting time and this is a much easier lifestyle with much better results.

It felt before like I was sleeping my life away, because I could easily go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 8am, and still feel tired all day long – never really feeling fully awake.

I am so excited now because my days are long again and I have energy to get things done. I can be so much more productive now for the Lord!

I remember hearing Ravenhill preach on how John Wesley was disciplined with his wallet, disciplined with his hours, and disciplined with his eating. That’s good discipleship!


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3 Responses to How Water & Fasting Healed my Chronic Fatigue

  1. I tried it all. Healthy foods. Exercise. Sunshine. Vitamins. 3 day Fasts. Energy drinks. Energy foods. etc.

    But those never gave any significant or lasting change.

    Lots of water and lots of fasting has done the trick.

    I really can’t express how happy I am to get my health and time back.

  2. The body wasn’t designed for the American diet of constant eating. The body needs more time to heal. Digestion takes A LOT of energy. Eating all day long and eating right before bed is very bad for your energy levels.

  3. I had studied before about the affects of fasting on the body, which is amazing, but only recently studied the affects of water on the body.

    Water and fasting together is amazing for the body.

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