Did the Atonement Pacify God? Is the God of the New Testament Different from the Old Testament? Jesse Morrell

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Did the Atonement Pacify God’s Wrath?

Is the God of the New Testament Different from the Old Testament?

Jesse Morrell


The Old Testament has a plethora of verses on the graciousness and mercifulness of God. Yet, many seem to think that the “God of the Old Testament” was full of wrath and anger but the “God of the New Testament” is merciful, loving, gracious, and forgiving. I’ve often wondered how they could get such a false understanding of God. God certainly has wrath and anger in the New Testament and God also has mercy and grace in the Old Testament. His attributes and ways have not changed between Testaments.

Now I realize why many think that way. It is not because they have done an analytical study of the Old Testament on the attributes of God, otherwise they would see how abundantly gracious and merciful God was in the Old Testament. Rather, they have simply heard sermons from the pulpit about how God was angry and wrathful towards men for their sins but Christ has come and has now pacified the wrath of God, appeased His anger, and quenched His indignation, so that now He is mercifully disposed and forgiving towards men.

It was not by reading the Bible that church-goers got the impression that God was different in the Old Testament than He is in the New, but that they have been taught from preachers that the atonement of Jesus Christ has changed God so that God is different in the New than He was in the Old.


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My major focus for the rest of the summer is to work on this book and hopefully get it done or at least much closer to completion… A lot of it is already written (319 pages) but there are sections I want to add and chapters I want to rewrite…. I’ll keep everyone posted!

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3 Responses to Did the Atonement Pacify God? Is the God of the New Testament Different from the Old Testament? Jesse Morrell

  1. The idea that the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New Testament are really different is Gnostic in origin, and while preachers do not explicitly say that like the Gnostics did, they still ultimately teach that the atonement has changed God so that He was full of wrath before the atonement but full of mercy afterwards.

  2. The atonement is our propitiation because it is the means through which God turns from His wrath in the exercise of His mercy, but not without our repentance and faith. No man is saved from the wrath of God by the atonement until they are converted. Therefore, the nature of the atonement cannot be such as would exclude the wrath of God after its occurrence.

    The atonement is the means of our reconciliation but not of unconditional or automatic reconciliation. Jesus died to reconcile us to God and yet after the atonement men are told be ye reconciled to God. Even after the atonement, we have the ministry of reconciliation. And of course, in reconciliation it is man who needs to change – not God. Jesus reconciles us to God, not God to us.

  3. annie britt says:

    Awesome..look forward too it Jesse..thanks for the hard work.

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